Introduction to Vitvan's writings

This time I'm not presenting you so much an article as well as a short note. It is more convenient for me to communicate in this way. I have several topics on my mind which can be dealt with in short notes.

NOTE: since september, 1997 all books of Vitvan has been removed from this site (and the backup site at at the request of the School of the Natural Order (SNO), the official body for promulgating Vitvan's teachings. You can buy all the books (that were formerly available at the unofficial Vitvan site) plus more booklets by Vitvan's hand (and a lot of cassettes) at the SNO. Their URL: SNO site, many online books and lectures
NEW NOTE (feb/99): new material is now available at the SNO website. The following description (of the old site) seems a bit outdated now, since they (SNO) have much material online now: Definitely my choice for the site of the year! The material presented there has a great potential for profoundly influencing human society when people will get acquainted with the ideas presented in his teachings. It is written in a clear, plain and thoughtful language. Definitively recommended.

Don't look for nice graphics and sounds, etc. Look for content and substance instead. Particularly his description of concept-formation and going beyond the concept (experiencing the reality beyond the mere concept) is very elucidating. In his article 'The First Crossing' he describes some things that are useful to know for those who wish to engage in the search for truth. One interesting point in that article (to give just an example) is his description of the awful error people have made by identifying matter with illusion. He says: 'It has produced unending confusion and has introduced self-contradictory attitudes toward life facts' (pp.12-14).

It is well worth reading the small 'biography' of Vitvan ("Vitvan - An American Master") because it will provide a good reference frame for reading the other articles (a collection of lessons/lectures). He is said to have been successful in the coupling of general semantics with the age-old Gnosis. Well, see for yourself and enjoy..

Martin Euser